Essay About Teenage Pregnancy

Abortion seems to be the importance of my generation because there are so many young girls getting pregnant and trying to take the easy way out by having an abortion. Little do they know that, that coward way out is sometimes more painful and more risky then actually giving birth and that complications rates of abortion increase with younger teenage women. Younger women who carry their baby to term have better births then older women if they get proper care. Being a parent as a teen is a reason why girls drop out of school. Almost twenty five percent of the abortions that occur in the United States are from teenager. In order to prevent abortion in teenagers they need to have contraceptive techniques and a comprehensive understanding of abstinence.

There are now certain things that people can use so they can prevent their pregnancy. Sexual abstinence is a method that guarantees no risk of getting pregnant which also protects male and female from getting any type of viruses and diseases. The more information a teenager has and understands, there are higher chances that they will make the right choice. It’s also very important that every teenager get to know all the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to remain abstinent. Pregnancy prevention is also taught at schools but, even after that there is a large amount of teenagers who are involved in sexual relations.

As a result, there are cases where the contraceptives does not work as planned. For this instance as well exists a solution that is called emergency contraception. An emergency contraception is another way teenagers can prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex. The results may appear after three or five days after taking the pill . The way these type of pills work is by delaying ovulation. In any case that both fertilization and implantation have occurred already, the pill won’t be able to interrupt the pregnancy. A nurse can also help you find out and decide if the pill won’t work at all on you. Approximately fifty percent of pregnancy is unplanned and almost half of it ends up in abortion. There are different reasons why teenagers decide to abort. Eventually , because having a baby will interfere with their education or they can not afford a baby at the time. As well as there are teenagers who were raped or sexually abused.

In some states, to get an abortion you will need your parents or an older family members permission. In other places you do not need the permission of a parent, you are able to get the permission of a judge instead; this is called judicial bypass. In the state of Texas they require to have the concern of at least one parent.

A teenager who became pregnant unintentionally has a lot to consider. When a teenager sees no support from their family, the most common thing is that she may feel stressed and under pressure. The reason why they may feel that way is because of course they didn’t wanted to be pregnant, and they probably seemed themselves as a different person after graduating. Having no type of support from parents ends up deciding to abort the baby.