Essay: How does Racism Affect Society?

Today’s society is being poisoned by racism. this is something that needs to change. Even after decades and centuries, racism is still something that exists. Thousands of people a year are affected by racism, and there are some people out there who can’t do anything to defend themselves against people. People who are more outspoken can defend themselves but for other people it’s not the case. There has been many transformations in society, revolving around racism or race. The situation has gotten much better since the days where there were slaves, but there are still cases in which people of a different race or ethnicity are treated differently. (watkins,2015)

According to “Australian Human Rights Commission” “In a study of over 800 Australian secondary school students found that racism had huge mental health impacts on young people who experience it.” People who are being judged and left out because of race, can experience depression or anger from being left out of things. The person also may stop wanting to go to school if they are going to be treated unfairly and, the person could also have trust issues. Racism also affects people’s general well-being. When students get depressed, they don’t want to go to school because people with depression tend to not want to interact with anybody. People who have been treated with racism have a hard time trusting anybody or interacting with anybody other than family. (Australian Human Rights Society,2009)

There has been a lot of incidents recently occurring because of trumps “build the wall!” statement. There has been reports of children being treated unfairly because of the new president. Children started making statements such as “trumps going to kick you out of the country.” And “make America white again.” these racist statements are not okay. Trumps election has sparked a racism outbreak and a war between trump supporters and non-supporters. There has been many cases of vandalism and people have been charged with arson just because of the fact of not liking Donald Trump. One case was somebody put up a poster using vulgar language to insult trump, which is understandable why someone would be mad at him for saying racist comments. (Kowalski,2016)

Racism isn’t something new either. It has been going on for thousands of years, if more. While there are many people who accept and embrace diversity and people with different religion, there are still people who see people of different races, as threats to society, and even the government can be affected. There is no denying that racism can be bad for the well being of a country, and if racism is allowed to thrive in a society then its negative effects can spread throughout every day life for some people. Racism will follow them to work and determine how much money is made. A country that has a racist mentality will not allow its citizens to contribute to the nation, which can limit the countries success and development. If an entire class of students can’t enjoy the same privileges as the rest of society, it could mean the students wouldn’t get all of the educational and employment opportunities that would enable them to contribute to the overall economic well-being of their country, through essential things such as, medicine, economics or technology. If racism thrives in a society it will eventually lead to aggression towards others and even violence. (be united,2019)

In 2017, there was an incident where there were white people carrying torches and were protesting against black freedom/ rights. There was someone driving a car who was a Nazi sympathizer and he was mowing down the crowd of activists in his car. Why are people racist? Or what causes them to think in a racist way? In some cases, people learn to by what society and culture teaches. “people are a product of the environment. “is one famous quote. People often assume it is parents actively teaching the child to be racist. But the truth is that unless parents actively teach children not to be racist, they will be racist. It just comes naturally unless taught otherwise. Richeson compares children’s instinctive formation of biases to a student at a new school. When a new student arrives at a new high school the automatic instinct is to look for and figure out who’s cool, who’s not, if someone is a nerd, and those sorts of things. (Wan, w. and Kaplan s., 2017)
“Throughout world history, governments have violated and ignored the human and civil rights of their citizens.” Said Liza Treadwell in her article about racism, called “racism and its effect on society.” In some examples, it is shown how the government payed no attention to etiquette, customs, and racial caste systems that denied human dignity and respect. In most of the cases in addition to these customs, segregation rules and laws had been made. The government -use president Donald trump as an example – shows hatred towards people with other races. He also started the extermination process so to say. President Donald trump is deporting the people who are of different races or are different. There is plenty of controversy on this subject. Some people say that the president just wants to build a wall to get rid of the people who are here illegally. But instead of kicking them back out, trump should be helping them, and making it easier for the illegal aliens to get in legally. Some of the people who are here illegally live in terrible conditions, so they have no choice but to move. Yes, it is understandable why Donald trump and many of his followers think that illegal immigrants should be deported, because some of the illegal aliens are bad. The government would not want to make it easy for terrorists to get into America, so they have to make sure the border is secure. But there is no reason for the hatred that is shown to people who are different. Donald trump should not separate the children from the children’s parents because then the kid now has a childhood trauma, and the mother is probably devastated and is doing anything to get her child back. (Treadwell L., 2018)

As studies have shown, these long-standing inequities are centrally caused by racism- a system of power that unjustly hoards vital , life-building opportunities for a category of people who are deemed to be racially superior, while disempowering and denying those assets to groups devalued as racially inferior.

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